Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here goes nothing

Starting a blog seems like an innocent enough activity to engage in while on one's Spring Break. There are a couple of things I should note from the beginning: 

1) I must admit, rather sheepishly, that writing a blog is something I promised myself a while ago that I would never do and I'm not entirely sure why I'm doing so now. Blogging feels like yelling into a vacuum. Psychologically rewarding? For me, perhaps...but ultimately, I want this to be more than a collection of random ramblings. I want my thoughtblog to be more than just interesting. Redemptive. Edifying. If I get away from that I'll be deleting it soon after. 

2) The title of this blog will no doubt prove true--I will almost certainly blog no more than once a month. If this prediction proves false, no one will be more surprised than I. 

It's late and I am going to need some sleep for a big game of Risk in a few hours, so for now, buenas noches.

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